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About Me:

Hello all!

My name is Matthew Krupczak. I started tinkering with computers at a young age by taking apart, fixing, and breaking computers, surfing the early 2000’s web and working with networking around the house, and playing Halo, editing scripts, and dorking with Action Replay codes for my Gameboy.

I played around with websites, Java, javascript, and various odds and ends in High School while attending the Westminster Schools.

Exploring the outdoors and integrating with and serving my community though the Boy Scouts of America was an important part of my life growing up, and I eventually gained Eagle rank by collecting donated computers and software and training and leading a group of volunteers to upgrade, repair, and install them in a new computer lab for a downtown homeless shelter in Atlanta.

I got a bit of a taste of corporate life in high school working for Georgia Power as an enterprise technology planning intern. I got to dork with cool new technologies and present them to business-people and look at how they could be applied to company operations. I got to talk to all kinds of engineers about neat projects, and tour Georgia Power’s data center and the Votgle nuclear plant too while I was at it.

I got real busy in college at Georgia Tech with Systems Architecture Computer Science courses covering object oriented programming, data structures, algorithms and software design, and the nitty-gritty of how computers work. This included building a processor in a simulator from the transistor level up to a full working processor, and writing custom-written low level code in assembly and C.

I also studied the intelligence thread for Computer Science, learning advanced math, algorithms, and techniques for teaching computers to learn and behave as rational agents, and took a networking class along the way.

For fun, I modified an old bicycle and used it for exercise and to get between classes.

I also got involved with the on campus radio station WREK as an operator, assistant for a classic rock radio show, and engineer for a while repairing computers, broadcast electronics, and administering Windows and Linux systems. I eventually became the assistant chief engineer for a while (leading meetings of a diverse team of engineers and organizing workdays and skills training) before stepping down to focus on my studies.

WREK also had a great community: I got the chance to hang out with hackers, music fans, misfits, engineers, and artists. I also got to interact with alumni and others who supported the station.

I interned at Mailchimp for a few months as a systems engineer, and got an invaluable experience to see what goes on “behind the curtain” for a major software player and (mostly) Ben and Jerry’s -esque revenue-driven software company selling shrinkwrap (SaaS) software.

I love keyboard shortcuts and speedy text editors (+), privacy . on the web, and quality and reliable tools (+).

I’m at my best creatively and technically when I can work in a quiet environment with a door that closes.

I like tea, good pens, and taking notes on paper booklets, journals, or legal pad.

My favorite bands are Lake Street Dive, Wilco, Rush, Naxatras, and Garbage.

I love older films and slower paced movies and television with good world building and long take “character moments”. My favorite directors are David Lean and Mamoru Oshii. I probably watched too much anime in college…

I ride a simple aluminum road bike with nice shifters and cable-driven disc breaks. I prefer to do my own maintenance with a small set of tools.

Some things that interest me currently include machine learning, GPU computing, infrastructure-as-code, and software containerization.

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