Why I wear a Mask

I don’t wear gloves anymore, but I do wear a mask (when indoors) when indoors, when close to others or near a crowd, or presumably would if I was holding a party in front of the White House during a pandemic! Also, entry checks/ seat spacing at the very least please! Not very hard! (I am NOT a doctor)

…and I wash my hands frequently!

Not because of politics,

(Also WTF???) +

But because:

  • I can read (+)(+)(+) [✔️],
  • I’m not dumb [✔️],
  • I can think for myself [✔️],
  • Pandemic“, duh! [✔️✔️✔️]

And (most importantly):
I’m tall and my masculinity is not fragile.

Also, I’m not a doctor or
finance grad
, people!

Rely on studied experts rather than willing your half-baked misguided ‘rona opinions unto others!

[Or worse, your employees!]

Do as I say, and not as I do.

P.S. :
Don’t double down just because:
You don’t understand this pandemic,
You don’t know why you lost your job (+)(+),
• and You’re angry after you’ve read this.

That’d only make you twice as dumb!

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