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如何设置私人(VPS) [sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ]

以前,我曾写过 Docker如何使它易于部署软件,以及在云中租用便宜的虚拟专用服务器(VPS)的好处,例如托管该网站的虚拟专用服务器。


另外,从您到此(sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ)容器的连接看起来像典型的Internet流量,并且很难被好奇的各方识别。 这可能非常有用,具体取决于您的原籍国

https://github.com/mritd/dockerfile/tree/cc9cf34d84268d08501a9350eda4496ac984492a/sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ # <- fixme


Previously, I wrote about the how easy Docker makes it to deploy software and the benefits of having a cheap Virtual Private Server (VPS) in the cloud such as the one hosting this website.

While this post has no title, we’ll still look at how to setup a sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ container to give you a base for browsing the internet securely, privately, and free from restrictions from a VPS instead of your home IP address.

In addition, connections from you to this container look like typical web browsing and are harder to recognize. This can be very useful depending on where you live

(or for journalists, etc.).


Link to guide used for this article:

https://github.com/sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ/sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ-libev/tree/master/docker/alpine # <- fixme


https tips for china (dot) com how-to-setup-a-fast-sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ-server-on-vultr-vps-the-easy-way (dot) html  # <- fixme

Alternate guide to setup a server with “one click” without needing much technical savy:

the tower info (dot) com use-sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ-step-by-step/ # <- fixme

Alternative setup to the one used in this guide (Chinese language) 中文 :


replace “sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ” with normal letters

Getting Started:

Server 🧮🌐:


Install Ubuntu or Debian

Open a text editor such as nano or vi and paste this into a new file named docker-compose.yml on your server:

version: "3.3"


  sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ: # <--- !!!! FIX ME !!!!
    image: sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ/sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ-libev # <--- !!!! FIX ME !!!!
      - "8388:8388/tcp" # <-- change me (if you want)
      - "8388:8388/udp" # <-- change me(if you want)
      - METHOD=aes-256-gcm
      - PASSWORD=9MLSpPmNt # <-- change me
    restart: always

  watchtower: # (optional) auto-update when new version released
    image: v2tec/watchtower
    container_name: watchtower
      - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock
      - /root/.docker/config.json:/config.json
    restart: unless-stopped

If you copy the above, you must change “sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ” to normal letters.

Next, install the docker container engine and docker-compose, then go into the directory you’ve saved this file and run:

docker-compose up -d

and, voila! You have your own sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ server.


Setup a CoreOS server easily with “one click”, then run:

docker run -e PASSWORD=<password> -p<server-port>:8388 -p<server-port>:8388/udp -d sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ/sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ-libev

you must change “sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ” to normal letters.

Client download (for your phone 📱, computer 💻, etc.):

All platforms page:

https://github.com/sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ/sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ-org/blob/master/src/content/en/download/01-clients.md # <- fixme

you must change “sḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ” to normal letters.

⚠️ Disclaimer:

Always use caution while using this setup. Šḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ may reroute your traffic, but may not work with page elements like Adobe Flash, etc.

It is possible to have a secure connection go through the Šḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ one though that can handle more types of traffic.

Mritd’s version has some additional setup that enables putting other types of traffic (such as games, etc.) through the Šḫảḓȯẅʂὸƈḳṥ connection as well.

This post has no title.


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