(The New York Times) How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol

As part of a six-month investigation, The Times synchronized and mapped thousands of videos and police audio of the U.S. Capitol riot to provide the most complete picture to date of what happened — and why. More: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism Previously: Home

(Lina M. Khan) Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox

Lina Khan is a noted academic and legal scholar specializing in antitrust and competition law in the United States. Ms. Khan was named chair to the Federal Trade Commission in an unexpected move by the Biden administration, which speculators believe may implicate pending antitrust enforcement policy. She was confirmed to the seat on Tuesday, June […]

(Nassim Nicholas Taleb) Bitcoin, Currencies, and Fragility

Matt’s Note: Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a noted author, mathematical statistician, and financial risk analyst most famous for popularizing the term Black Swan. He is also known for having articulated an intuitive and mathematical approach to understanding how uncertainty and randomness impact people’s lives. (I’ll read his books eventually, I swear) fooledbyrandomnessdotcom.wordpress.com In its current […]

(Martin Feldstein) Inflation and the Stock Market

ssrn.com/abstract=253123 This paper explains why the level of share prices has failed to rise during a decade of substantial inflation. Instead, the share value per dollar of real pretax earnings fell from 10.82 in 1967 to 6.65 in 1976. The analysis here shows that the inverse relation between higher inflation and lower share prices during […]

(Claude B. Erb) Bitcoin is Exactly Like Gold Except When it Isn’t

Matt’s note: Claude B. Erb has co-authored papers with Duke Finance Professor and financial technologist Campbell Harvey on a few occasions to examine the financial properties of gold ssrn.com/abstract=3746997 Bitcoin is Exactly Like Gold Except When it Isn’t Bitcoin has been described as digital gold. The phrase digital gold may be a brilliant and highly […]

(Campbell Harvey et al.) The Best Strategies for Inflationary Times

ssrn.com/abstract=3813202 The Best Strategies for inflationary Times Over the past three decades, a sustained surge in inflation has been absent in developed markets. As a result, investors are faced with the challenge of having little evidence regarding how to reposition their portfolios in the face of heighted inflation risk. We provide some guidance by analyzing […]

(Medical Department, U.S. Army) Wound Ballistics – Causative Agents of Battle Casualties in WWII

history.amedd.army.mil/booksdocs/wwii/woundblstcs/chapter1.htm#table14 CAUSATIVE AGENTS OF BATTLE CASUALTIES IN WORLD WAR II In order to determine which type of enemy weapon was most effective against U.S. troops in World War II, it would be necessary to know the causative agent for each wound inflicted. Not only was such information impossible to get for all areas for the […]

(Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research) The projected effect on insects, vertebrates, and plants of limiting global warming to 1.5°C rather than 2°C

science.sciencemag.org/content/360/6390/791 science.sciencemag.org/content/360/6390/791 Figure S6 indicates the projected changes in species richness globally at the four levels of warming (1.5°, 2°, 3.2°, 4.5°C above pre-industrial levels) and, where appropriate, (for animals) including or excluding realistic dispersal. … We find substantial benefits to limiting warming to 1.5°C above preindustrial levels as compared with 2°C by 2100. The […]

(GOP) Growth and Opportunity Project Report 2012

online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/RNCreport03182013.pdf As the co-chairs of the project, we were charged with making recommendations and assisting in putting together a plan to grow the Party and improve Republican campaigns. We were asked to dig deep to provide an honest review of the 2012 election cycle and a path forward for the Republican Party to ensure success […]