EDIT: Correction to earlier statement: I greatly regret in any potential way downplaying the risks of asymptomatic transmission. It has been shown to be very likely to be possible for some time now

The theory of aerosolized (droplets that float) respiratory transmission is worth considering. To reduce spread (and therfore burden on healthcare systems), It’s important to limit in person engagements, engagements indoors, and engagements with large groups if at all possible.

EDIT: I am disappointed with the World Health Organization here at denying the risks of airborne transmission without proof, rationale, or context. On the contrary, there is evidence that Sars-cov2 could be transmitted through aerosolized respiratory transmission and the risk is now recognized by many credible institutions link

EDIT: aerosolized particles (i.e. emitted during breathing, speaking) have been shown to be a potential vector:

More from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:




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