It’s amazing how much of the computing world runs on opensource software nowadays. It’s very likely that web browser and device you’re using to read this post are built on top of open source software (where anyone can look at or propose changes to the code), as well as much of the infrastructure for the site you’re reading it on.

That’s why I was somewhat disappointed when I sat down to watch TV with my Xfinity (nice name change btw Comcast) set top box the other day and clicked:

show open source license information

that it seemed to be coded incorrectly and said:

no license text available

This is bad JUJU, considering common licenses such as GNU public license have a usage clause if you use them to build your tech:

An interactive user interface displays “Appropriate Legal Notices”…

On an opposite note, I was very pleased to see this in the Square Cash App:

Retraction: to be fair to Comcast, they give back to open source through grants, a great practice which should be encouraged:

More licenses in the wild:

Nintendo Switch Lite





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