The Worst Piece of Code I’ve ever Written

I think for anyone who’s built or worked on something, there’s a tendency to wonder if something could have been done better or what could have been done differently. Gabe Newell of Valve has said that his favorite game from his company was Portal 2, if only because he was much more involved in the […]

(Medium) The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine

Excellent Medium article on some behind the scenes data science, and how Cambridge Anylitica (now renamed as Emerdata Ltd.) used behavioral profiling, ad micro-targeting via Facebook, and AI to win elections and influence opinions and politics worldwide. The best way to thwart these kind of systems is to use an open source web browser […]

Commoditize your complements (and open source software)

The heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability in 2014 (effecting Google, Facebook, etc.) exposed another issue: sometimes widely used open source software doesn’t get the love it deserves in terms of monetary or code support from those that use it. If you’re using open source software at your company, then this software could be considered in economics terms […]

A Programming Language for the Next 40 Years: (Rust)

The CPU’s that we use for computers used to roughly double in speed (transistor density) every two years according to something called Moore’s law. This stopped happening around 2013/2014. Some innovations are being made, but right now progress is stagnating. There are a few implications: 1: You can probably keep your old laptop around for […]

AI and GPU Silicon Supremacy

NVIDIA has held a clear market and technical lead over AMD with video game graphics cards (GPU’s) in the past few years, having managed to get a chip design a few generations comfortably ahead of AMD. This market dominance, combined with increased demand for graphics cards beyond gaming in applications such as AI and Crypto […]

Building a Fault-Tolerant Drive Pool with Centos, ZFS, and RAIDZ

Summer break has come, and that means it’s time for personal projects! To get ready, I’ve upgraded the storage array on my home server from 4TB (actual) to ~32 TB (raw). I’m using sub-consumer hardware by taking apart four 8TB WD easystore backup drives to cut down on cost, and I’m using zfzonlinux with CentOS […]

Advancements in Machine Learning: Time-aware Deep Learning with Memory

“Deepfakes” of audio and video have made a lot of news lately, with stories making the including a fake video of Mark Zuckerberg that looks lifelike and scam phone calls being made to major companies that sound exactly like their CEOs. These are powered by LSTM cells, or “Long Short Term Memory” neural networks, which […]

Translation and International Adoption:

I’m currently working on an open source android app with a few hundred thousand users and after seeing significant international adoption (including more users in Russia than the US) I wondered if I could do better to make my app usable worldwide. I decided to try using a cloud service named Transifex to translate my […]

Cooperative Deep Learning in Quake Capture the Flag:

Cooperative Deep Learning in Quake CTF: Google’s deepmind team made some big waves recently beating the world champion at GO, a famously hard board game. They’ve since made a major advancement in agents that can play a modified version of Quake III Capture the Flag. Capture the Flag (CTF) is a popular first-person shooter game […]